Kings of War: Salamander review

April 12, 2017

You asked for it* so you shall receive. 

Bensome, Spoon and Sellick have returned to tackle another of the Uncharted Empire armies: The Salamanders!

Join us again Champs, as we have a long chat about all things scaled, including changes which the new Clash of Kings organised play book brought. Expect the usual coverage of units, strats, lists, and lore.  
Also, let us know what you think of the new song!
* we know not all of you asked for it, just most (of those you cast their vote).

Direct Misfire Missive: CoK organised play book 2017

March 15, 2017

Bensome, Spoon and old mate Sellick have returned to give you the goss' on the much anticipated Clash of Kings Organised Play supplement book for 2017! 

Join them as they discuss the changes on artefacts, spells, and scenarios as well as tips and strats for using the new stuff with your toys. 



Direct Misfire Missive No.9 - International Campaign Day and CanCon CoK round-up!

February 12, 2017

Bensome and Spoon are back for another year, bringing with them a new member to the Direct Misfire family: Mr Mat Sellick!

Join them as they chat about the International Campaign Day last year as well their performance at the more recent Clash of Kings Australia. Helping them bring in the first episode of 2017 are the TO's of CoK Au, Matt and Tas!



Direct Misfire 2016 in Review

December 30, 2016

Bensome and Spoon return for one last bout... in 2016! 
Join us as we reminisce about our humble beginnings to our humble present.

Not to be outdone by the past or present, the future then takes centre stage as we chat about what we hope to achieve in the coming year (as long as we can survive the heat / storms. Thanks Melbourne weather).



Direct Misfire Missive No.7 - International Campaign Day + CoK AU 2017 info!

December 10, 2016

Bensome and Spoon are joined by international friends Kris Kapsner and Mark Cox to chat about the upcoming International Campaign day.
Not to be outdone, local friends Matt and Tas from the Clash of Kings Aus 2017 organisation team stop by and give us the goss on all things Clashy and Kingy.



Relevant links:    <- (buy tickets to CoK Au)


Kings of War: Varangur review

November 20, 2016

Bensome and Spoon take a visit north to tackle their next army review: Varangur. 
Joining them on their Journey is the sui generis specimen,The Mighty Fishbat!

This is the longest review yet so get comfy and don't forget to take breaks (get up and walk around a little - no DVT for our listeners!) as we plunge into unit breakdowns, lists and "advice".

** Check out Fishbat's youbatuba channel:

**background reading Music by Syrinscape.


Kings of War: Ratkin review

October 5, 2016

Bensome and Spoon have awoken from their army review slumber! Now that Winter has technically run its course, if not physically, the season for more army reviews has come**.

Join us again Champs, as we delve into the tunnels and pits of the Ratkin, exploring every nook and cavity the rat force provides: units, strategies and backgrounds will all be discussed asyou'd expect.
Let us know what you think of the new format and enjoy! 

**this is not a binding promise but more of a recognition that we haven't discussed an army for a while, but we plan to.

Background music and sound by Syrinscape. Good stuff!

Direct Misfire Missive No.6 - Mikecon 3 Breakdown & Axemaster info!

September 1, 2016
Bensome and Spoon return, and with the help of new friend Drew, run through the recent Mikecon 3 Kings of War tournament. 

Drew also chats about the upcoming Axemaster tournament.
So pull up a seat, grab a bevo and enjoy!
** For those who want more info on teh things we've discussed, here are some links:
Drews blog:

Axemaster sign up links: 

Direct Misfire Missive No.5 - Convic 2016 report: What would Kozov do?

July 29, 2016

After what seems like an eternity, Bensome and Spoon are back! 

Joined by The One and Only Matt Sellick, the lads chat about their recent 2-day tourney experiences and inexperiences.

So pull up a seat, grab a bevo and enjoy!

Kings of War: Ogre army review (AKA Spoon’s PTSD part 1)

June 11, 2016
Michael Bay presents: Ogre army breakdown extravaganza! 

Bensome and Spoon are joined by another special guest, The Mighty Fishbat! 

The usual dose of good natured banter, tactics and other stuff (that I can't quite think of right now but totally had something for this) is captured for your listening pleasure. 

** Check out Fishbat's youbatuba channel: